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Crypto Market Is Starting to Recover - Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan said the crypto market began to recover as the price of Bitcoin which was observed to increase touched the rp600 million per coin and is believed to continue to strengthen gradually. According to Oscar in a statement in Jakarta, Thursday (10/2), the increase is a positive thing in early February and hopes that in the future crypto prices can strengthen steadily.

"February is the beginning where the crypto market rebounded after the last two months of a fairly deep decline. This proves that crypto assets, especially those with large market capitalization, are suitable for the long term," oscar said.

Investors who had experienced misgivings because the last two months of cryptocurrencies are falling dramatically, continued Oscar, should not worry too much as long as you use the cold money when investing.

On Thursday (10/2), Bitcoin was recorded at a price of Rp641 million after previously being in the range of Rp500 million. "Even before it had dropped dramatically around Rp490 million," oscar said.

Oscar said it was driven by some positive sentiments that occurred some time ago. The rise in crypto prices is in line with the high demand or purchase of crypto assets themselves.

Usually if the price of Bitcoin (BTC) goes up, it will be followed by other crypto assets. In recent times, positive news has been present and more or less this affects the market.

India decided to adopt crypto and eventually considered crypto a legal asset in its country, albeit by imposing an income tax of 30 percent.

"Michael Saylor's company (Micro Strategy) is again buying as much as 660 Bitcoin and american jobs that rose despite the rise of Omicron also contributed positive sentiment for cryptocurrencies," oscar said.

With this green market, Oscar said the price will still experience a bullish trend, although it will fall occasionally because the price of cryptocurrencies is natural to experience rapid increases and declines.

Based on data on Indodax trading Thursday (10/2) at 10:00 pm, some crypto assets with the highest market capitalization other than Bitcoin also experienced an increase.

Ethereum (ETH) rose by 3 percent, as well as BNB, Ripple (XRP), Cardano (ADA) and Polkadot (DOT) which rose by approximately two percent.

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