The 6 Best Life Insurance in Indonesia for Self and Family Protection

The 6 Best Life Insurance in Indonesia for Self and Family Protection - In this day and age, health and safety risks can befall anyone at any time even though the age is still relatively young and productive.
The 6 Best Life Insurance in Indonesia for Self and Family Protection

As a form of self-protection, it is very important to have life insurance. With life insurance, you not only anticipate your own risks, but also include families in the future.

Life insurance is a type of insurance (guarantee) that aims to cover all or part of unexpected financial losses, for example because someone died.

That is, life insurance will later provide compensation money or sum insured to the heirs - in this case the family - .

The compensation money is given if the owner of the insurance dies or is totally disabled which makes a person unable to work anymore to earn a living.

Best and Trusted Life Insurance Recommendations in Indonesia

In other words, the best life insurance will guarantee yourself and your family not to experience financial difficulties due to unexpected situations.

Speaking of life insurance, you must be smart to choose the best and most reliable life insurance criteria like what. Moreover, there are currently many insurance companies that offer life insurance products.

There are two types of life insurance that exist, namely term / active life insurance during a certain period (term life) and life insurance for life (whole life).

To further guarantee, here are some of the best and trusted life insurance recommendations in Indonesia that can be an option, both term and life insurance:

1. Cigna Life Insurance
Best Cigna life insurance products in Indonesia
Cigna life insurance (
The first life insurance in Indonesia is Cigna. You can choose the type of life term or whole life insurance, according to your needs. The cost of premiums from each type of insurance will certainly be different.

Cigna insurance advantages are one of them there is a Speedy Claim facility or fast claim within a maximum of 30 minutes for inpatient services. Maximum claim value of Rp10 million.

In addition to offering life insurance products, Cigna from the United States also provides several types of family and individual health insurance products.

For Cigna health insurance, there are names Cigna Family Care Optima and Family EaziCare. Both products can bear five people at a time in one policy.

2. Life Insurance Simas Jiwa
Trusted life insurance products in Indonesia Simas Jiwa
Life insurance Simas Jiwa (Special)
The next recommendation of reliable life insurance in Indonesia is Simas Jiwa (term life type). Simas Jiwa was awarded 'The Most Trusted Life Insurance Company of The Year 2018'.

Simas Jiwa's most famous life insurance product is Simas Investa Link. This is a product for short-term finance and every customer will immediately get life insurance protection.

The type of life insurance offered by Simas Jiwa is indeed term life, but the dependent period of insurance is quite long, namely until the customer is 100 years old.

3. Allianz Life Insurance
the best and trusted life insurance products in Indonesia Allianz
Allianz life insurance (
Headquartered in Germany, Allianz life insurance must be considered as a guarantee to anticipate the health and safety risks of yourself and your family in the future.

There are a variety of Allianz life insurance products that you can choose from. Among them, SmartLink Flexi Account Plus, SmartLink New Flexi Account, and SmartLink Maxi Fund Plus.

Allianz Life Insurance provides life protection for life up to the age of 100 years, with premium and additional benefits according to needs.

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