Accurate Protection, Cost-Effective, These 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance

Accurate Protection, Cost-Effective, These 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Car Insurance - No one can be sure what kind of events might happen on the road while driving. With the dense flow of traffic, especially in urban areas, the risk of accidents certainly cannot be eliminated completely. Therefore, every vehicle owner, especially a car, should prepare insurance.

Auto insurance is a financial product that is proposed with the aim of reducing, or even eliminating the risk of loss to the vehicle. Starting from the risk of repair costs when experiencing damage, or loss due to theft, everything can be borne by car insurance.

Although it must be owned by motorists, not a few people are still confused how to choose the best car insurance products. Moreover, there are many insurance companies that offer protection and nominal premiums that vary on their car insurance products. 

Well, if you are one of them, let's look at 5 tips on choosing this best car insurance product so that the protection provided is accurate, but still cost-effective.

1. Know the Protection Provided by Car Insurance

Before deciding to apply for car insurance, first know what protection is needed. By knowing the type of protection needed, you become easier to determine which car insurance products are suitable to choose and adjust the nominal premium.

In general, car insurance is divided into 2 types depending on the type of protection provided. The first is comprehensive or all risk car insurance, and second, TLO car insurance or Total Loss Only.

For comprehensive types, car insurance provides protection against any type of damage or loss experienced by the car, including minor or large damages. Therefore, the premiums of this type of car insurance are relatively more expensive.

As for TLO car insurance, with more affordable premiums, protection is only provided when the car suffers heavy damage with a total repair cost above 75 percent of the car price, or when the vehicle is lost. Of course, comprehensive protection is better to choose because it provides comprehensive protection coverage as long as the budget is available. If it is hindered by costs, there is no harm in choosing TLO type car insurance by expanding protection as needed or risks that are considered vulnerable to occur.

2. Choose a Credible Insurance Company

After determining what type of protection is needed, the next thing that needs to be done is to choose a credible and of course trusted insurance company. Check the registered status or business license of an insurance company in OJK and find out the reputation and reviews provided by its customers.

Some important things to know about insurance companies are how they respond to customer claim submissions, terms and conditions of insurance submissions, and so on. Consider several companies at once as an alternative to make it easier to choose a better car insurance product later.

3. Compare The Protection Provided and Find Out the Potential of Available Promos

When some car insurance company options are in hand, it is time for you to compare the protection and services provided, along with the nominal premium. Contact the car insurance through sales or customer service and ask about the insurance service.

Do not forget to ask about the potential promos that can be obtained so that insurance protection is more maximal or get a discount on the premium. Some important things to know about car insurance in order to be able to get premiums more affordable is the mileage on the car is still low, has a good driving track record, discounts for students or retirees, and so on.

After everything feels suitable and there is no problem with the nominal premium or coverage of the protection provided, you just collect the required requirements documents and do the application process.

4. Pay Close attention to All Points on the Insurance Policy

It will be very useless if you have car insurance, but do not know the contents of the protection policy. It should be understood if the insurance policy contains all important things related to protection, rights and obligations of customers or insurance companies, as well as other details about car insurance.

In fact, understanding the contents of this insurance policy is important to do before the insurance contract is done. That way, if it turns out that there are policy points that are not appropriate, not understood, or potentially detrimental to one party, you can still ask or replace it until both parties agree to it.

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