4 Tips for Safe Forex Investing and Cuan

 4 Tips for Safe Forex Investing and Cuan - Forex investment is a transaction to buy and sell or trade foreign currency (foreign exchange / forex). This investment is in the category of high risk, high return.

4 Tips for Safe Forex Investing and Cuan

Foreign exchange transactions, for example, buy US Dollar (USD), sell Euro (EUR). This means that the Euro currency is exchanged for U.S. dollars. 

The price or rate used is the one that applies at the time of the transaction. This rate is volatile. At any time it can change depending on various factors. 

These factors include political and economic conditions in each country, interest rates and trade balance, and other sentiments.

Forex investments are at great risk. If the profit can be huge. But if you lose, the money can run out immediately. Maybe you still remember the case of artist and musician Kevin Aprilio who was in debt of Rp 17 billion due to playing forex.

This loss is more because Kevin became a victim of fraud. For those of you who are interested in forex investment, here are tips for investment to run safely and smoothly, as quoted from Cermati.com: Forex Investment Tips.

Forex Investment Tips Understand the risks of forex investment The advantages of forex investment are very tempting. The experience of the world's leading forex trader, George Soros once reaped the benefits of playing forex on average 25 percent a year. 

That means if divided by 12 months, the profit is about 2.08 percent per month. Behind the sweetness of forex investing, there is a huge risk lurking around investors at all times. The risk of forex investment, one of which is currency fluctuations. The risk of fluctuations in currency values directly impacts forex investment. 

Sometimes these risks can be beneficial, but sometimes they are not. For example, your forex investment portfolio scored a return of 12 percent last year. But at the same time, the U.S. dollar weakened 10 percent. That is, the profit you receive can be greater when converted to US dollars. But if exchanged for a strengthening rupiah, the profit is even smaller or less.

Reducing currency risk on forex investments is to use hedging strategies. That way, it can minimize losses due to the ever-changing value of the currency. Risk and anticipation strategies are what forex investors must learn and understand. 

So, you don't have to worry about every trade. To avoid fraud or money taken away by the owner, choose a trusted and registered forex company or broker, and supervised by the Commodity Futures Trading Supervisory Agency (Bappebti). Because, forex is included in futures trading. 

Do not trust an unlicensed forex company, even if you know the owner of the forex company. Especially just on behalf of the individual.

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