How to Buy a Car as a Good Investment

How to Buy a Car as a Good Investment - Car ownership today is not just a prestige or lifestyle, but you can have it by buying a car that suits daily needs and utilities. In fact, there are still many people who do not know that actually the car can be used as a good investment for the future.

Just imagine how many people depend on their lives by working as online drivers for cars. If you pay attention to this, of course you have imagined how useful the car is for them. For them the car is like a long-term investment to earn daily income.

Many people also save money to buy a car. Many are looking for a large down payment in order to buy a new car with a credit of only 2 years to 3 years. There are many ways to own a car. But what if you want to have a car that is used for investment?

How to Buy a Car as a Future Investment

Therefore, for those of you who want to buy a car in the near future. At least, there are some things you need to consider so that the purchase of a car is good for your future. Buy a new car not just for everyday use. Of course, the money to save must get a balanced value.

1. When the budget is limited, buy a used car

Often we find that many people are unable to pay for new car installments. This is because maybe they are too choosing the type of car with a fairly expensive price. However, if you are constrained by the limited budget you have. You can choose a used car that is still in roadworthy condition.

2. Do Some Research

One of the biggest reasons why you get a bad used car condition is that you don't do your research first. You can do price research and other information from the dealer you visit. Try to visit more dealers from locations to get price comparisons and also the quality of used cars they sell.

In this case you do not need to be an expert by knowing everything related to the car. Research alone is not enough because you must have the ability to analyze the car ranging from the shortcomings to the advantages of the car.

3. Choose a Fuel Efficient Car

In addition to paying attention to the things that have been conveyed earlier, you also need to find information about the use of fuel from the car you want to buy. You can buy a car with a capacity of 1,500 cc, where the capacity of the car is perfect for daily needs on urban roads. Car options that you can consider include Mitsubishi XPander 1.5 Ultimate, Suzuki All New Ertiga 1.5, Nissan All New Livina 1.5 VL, and Honda Mobilio RS.

4. Customize the Car to Your Needs

Today, various accessories and interiors such as gadgets are widely offered by car manufacturers. However, all of these equipment will not all be used by the driver or your family members.

Therefore, you can choose and consider the specifications of the car that is in accordance with everyday utilities. Because, these accessories you can easily buy cheaply through e-commerce. In looking for a car, you need to focus on the core features only. This can make you save more money when buying a car such as fuel economy.

5. Take Care

Many unofficial workshops advise you to always change the oil every 3,000 km. However, basically it can take longer reaching 5,000 km, even 7,500 km. To be sure, you can read the guidebook and instructions from the factory.

Most of your car maintenance can actually be done at home such as changing oil, changing transmission fluids, changing air filters, changing oil filters, checking wind pressure on tires, and others. This method can make you save the cost of maintaining your car for example by changing the car's own oil, you can already save money of Rp300,000 - Rp 500,000.

6. Invest

If you have a plan within the next 5 years to buy a car, you can start preparing the fund from now on for example by starting to save. By looking for investment vehicles that have a potential return per year that is in accordance with the investment objectives in the next 5 years.

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