Interested in Trading Stocks Online? First Pay Attention to These 5 Tips

Interested in Trading Stocks Online? First Pay Attention to These 5 Tips -Interested in Trading Stocks Online? First Pay Attention to These 5 Tips - Investing in stocks just got easier because it can be done online. For example, using the MOST app from Mandiri Sekuritas. The money needed to trade stocks online doesn't have to be big either. So far, the benefits are very tempting.

However, in order to profit from stocks, you must of course carefully study the most recent information. Especially if you look at the high enough risk of this investment. As a beginner, you should know the following before you start investing.

Applied Research and Legal Securities Firms

When you decide to invest in stocks, that's when you choose the app and the public company of your choice as your investment location. To be profitable, of course, the public company you choose must have a good track record, be registered as an IDX member, and have an OJK permit. It's the same with investment applications. It would be better and safer to use an app from a trusted public company.

Well, if you are a beginner, it is appropriate to use a reliable and easy-to-access online stock trading and trading application. For example, Mandiri Online Securities Trading (MOST), an investment platform available for desktop and mobile, specifically provides investment transaction services for three instruments, namely stocks, bonds and mutual funds. The entire registration process can be done digitally, without the need to submit documents or come to the branch.

Interested in Trading Stocks Online First Pay Attention to These 5 Tips

Prepare investment capital from unused funds

When investing, of course, you need capital. When you invest, it means that you are buying shares of the company in order to become its owner. The unit for buying shares is lots. One lot is equal to one hundred shares. If the price of one share of company A is Rs 2,000, if your capital is Rs 5 million, you will receive 25 lots of shares.

However, you can adjust the capital to buy shares according to your ability. Don't be so urgent that you have to borrow money or use money you use for your day to day needs. Just use the available funds from the remainder of the unused budget. Never use hot money, because investing is not always profitable.

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Open an exchange account

To be able to start investing in stocks, you must have an account for stocks or stocks. Later, this account will be used as a place to place your investment capital as well as the profit you earn. It is very easy to create an exchange account. If you are using the MOST app, account creation and investor registration can be done completely online. Just open the app, enter your personal details, upload a profile picture, upload a picture from e-KTP, NPWP, passbook and take a picture of yourself with e-KTP. Opening an account has also become easier thanks to support for digital signature technology.

Understand the purchase and sale of shares

Buying and selling stocks is not as easy as buying and selling when you want it. There are many profit and loss factors that need to be considered for your equity investment to truly be profitable. When you want to buy a stock, first look for fluctuations in the JCI movement due to internal and external factors, performance, company profile and liquidity, sales and market trends.

Meanwhile, if you want to sell stocks, you need to choose the best time. For example, when the stock price is at its peak or the so-called take profit. However, there are also critical moments when you need to immediately sell a stock at a loss or reduce a loss, that is, when the stock price tends to fall.

See the direction of the stock price movement

As an investor in stocks, you must understand the state of the market. Not only buy but also sell. This is due to the fact that the movement of the share price is very unpredictable and can change in minutes, even seconds. You should always spend at least 15-30 minutes of time trading stocks online per session. When a trend reversal occurs, you can immediately decide to buy new stocks or sell old ones because you have reached your goal, or avoid losses as well.

Investing in stocks is very easy today. Especially with the MOST app by Mandiri Sekuritas as a platform that meets the needs of investors for investing in stocks. But as a beginner, it is best to learn and master the tricks and tips for online stock trading before jumping straight into the stock market.

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