10 Best Ways to Learn to Play Stocks for Beginners to Start Investing

10 Best Ways to Learn to Play Stocks for Beginners to Start Investing - Novice traders should know how to learn to play stocks before diving into the world of stock investing. Because stocks are a high risk capital market product and you can reduce your risk and make a lot of money.

Despite the term “gaming stocks,” you should take it seriously because stocks are an investment product that can be profitable, but also harmful. Playing with stocks without capital and in the right way is a waste of time, money, energy and ideas.

Now is the time to listen to the beginner's guide on how to learn to play arrows. Qoala Points is a guide on how to play promotions online for free, where you can try out the benefits of playing promotions by trading the shares daily and annually.

10 Best Ways to Learn to Play Stocks for Beginners to Start Investing

1. Choose securities with low transaction fees.

How to learn to trade stocks online with little capital, first, you need to choose from a variety of public companies or stock brokers. Transaction costs also differ between securities firms. Of course, you don't understand what is meant by transaction fees.

When investing in stocks, you must have a stock account (client fund account) that is maintained by these joint stock companies. Once you have an account, you can fund your securities account, which will work like electronic money. You can buy desired stocks online for cash.

In addition, “transaction costs” refers to the cost of buying and selling shares. This commission becomes a source of income for your brokerage firm. For example, there is a security that charges a commission of 0.19 percent on purchases and 0.29 percent on sales. There is also 0.15% for purchases, 0.20 for sales, and so on.

The lower the cost, the more profitable it is for investors. But this does not mean that you should not choose for the high cost. Their app could be better and their customer service is better too.

If you already know which securities you want to use, you can prepare the appropriate documents to open an account and inquire about the stock index or IDX.

2. Don't be stingy, but don't go too far.

With a stock account and the best stock replayer laptop app for beginners, you can transfer data or top up this stock account. If in doubt, that's okay, because we don't want to lose money on investments. However, you have nothing to worry about because the stock game can start with $ 100k and you just need to follow the recommended steps.

In exchange transactions, there are lot units in which one lot consists of 100 shares. If the share price is 1,000 rupees, this means that the price of one lot is multiplied by 100, that is, 100,000 rupees. Of course, you will not immediately receive a huge amount of money with a capital of Rs 100,000. You need to invest consistently and measurably, not rush to spend all your money on stocks.

You can trade stocks daily using 10% of the total money in your account, not from the reserve fund. Make financial transactions every month with 10% of your monthly income to buy stocks. The more money you put in, the more potential profit you can get. But if the share price falls, your losses will also be huge.

You must learn to manage the emotions of leading investors in order to maintain balance when making decisions. When playing with stocks online, downturns often occur, because this investment is not free, and what is important is that we already know how not to repeat the same mistakes.

3. Select stocks in the LQ45 or IDX30 index.

The Indonesian Stock Exchange (IDX) issues a stock index as a statistical measure of changes in the price movement of a group of stocks that are selected based on certain criteria. There are 35 stock indices included in the IDX, so don't get confused, you can choose the stocks that are included in the IDX30 or LQ45 index.

The reason is that the stocks in the index are very liquid and the company's fundamentals are also good. The stocks with these indices are commonly referred to as blue-chip stocks, in other words, the top-rated stocks. Telkomsel stock is an example and you can buy it easily on the broker's app.

Picking stocks in this indicator is a way to play stocks that are generally safe for newbies, thanks if you can get your initial investment back or without big losses. Well, once you've learned how to play stocks online for beginners, you can explore stocks by checking out stocks included in the IDX30 and LQ45 indices.

4. Purchase of consumer goods or bank stocks.

The next way to learn to play stocks for newbies is to buy FMCG or bank stocks. You've read IDX30 or LQ45 stocks, right?

The next question is: what is the relationship between the two types of companies? To study stocks, consumer goods or banking companies is the right choice because their products are widely used by the public and automatically generate large profits every year.

Even if the share price drops when you buy it, it will gradually return to normal or even profit. Except when Indonesia is going through an economic crisis. Would you like to learn how to play day trading stocks?

5. Discipline when making a stop loss.

How to trade stocks correctly? One is to stay calm and not panic. When the price of the stock you are buying falls, you need to stay calm and not panic. Emotion regulation is important because stock prices fluctuate and are common. As long as the company you are investing in has good prospects, your share price is bound to rise again.

When you see a red wallet, you can take a close look at the corresponding source. If the fall is caused by fundamental financial factors, feel free to set a stop loss - the lowest price limit that is set to limit losses. The losses could be even greater if the company ends up going bankrupt, rather than having to train itself to stop losses from the start.

6. Decide if you want to be a trader or investor.

The sixth way to learn how to practice stocks online is you can decide if you want to be a trader or an investor. Traders seek to profit from the difference between the sale price and the purchase price in a relatively short time.

Meanwhile, if you want to be an investor, you can hold stocks for a long time and then make a profit. Many people suffer losses because they hesitate to become an investor or trader.

You can find out by looking at your characteristics when investing in a reliable investment app from a broker or bank. He is the type of person who likes to take risks or tries not to take risks in the long run.

7. When the price goes down, it's time to buy.

Buy stocks when the price drops, why not? Many people (including novice investors) think that when stock index prices fall, this is a bad time to buy stocks. This opinion may be correct, but it may also be wrong, depending on the situation.

You can buy stocks at prices that fall due to the possibility of their rise in the future. When this happens, you will get the most benefit.

Remember that there is no right or absolute way to trade stocks, it all depends on the type of investment you choose. You want to play stocks in the short or long term, both are not important to newbies as long as they are still learning.

8. Diversification of inventories.

Stock diversification is a method of reducing the risk of loss by buying stocks in various sectors such as banking, consumer goods and real estate.

How to learn to play with stocks online, the goal is to predict if the price of one of your stocks will drop at some point due to something, the losses can be covered by other stocks operating in different industries.

9. Choose stocks with good fundamentals.

You need to select stocks with good financial performance in addition to LQ45 or IDX30 stocks. In addition, also pay attention to the type of portfolio, business history and good financial position. The goal is for you to be able to reduce your losses and possibly make big money in the future. Paying attention to the underlying state of the company is one of the easiest ways for newbies to learn to play stocks.

10. Tips for long-term and short-term investing in stocks.

The type of investment will certainly affect the steps or strategies that investors take. All of these points are actually an overview of how to learn to play arrows for beginners. Then you can choose the steps or tips that suit you or not.

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